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Kids Photoshoot Experience

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“I loved my new<id Kids Photoshoot Experience. Everyone made me look adorable. The friendly photographer then took lots of amazing pictures of me before mummy, daddy and I got to choose which picture we wanted to keep forever. It was the best experience of my life!”

Older kids can enjoy a range of fun treatments, all with approval from mum and dad. They get hand beauty, skin refresh, make-up, hair styling, photoshoot and portfolio viewing. It’s a brilliant experience!

Younger kids can have a mini-styling session before their photoshoot, depending on what they (and mummy and daddy) want.

Even younger kids are perfect as they are so won’t need any styling. It’s straight onto set with the friendly photographer, mummy and daddy, to get loads of great photographs!

How many people can share your experience with you?

This experience is valid for one, two or three people coming at the same time. You will enjoy a photoshoot both together and individually. All you need to do is click on the Buy Now link below and select the number of experiences you require. Each experience is valid for one person so simply buy the number of experiences for the number of people that you want to come.

Are you thinking of purchasing more photographs?

Photograph prices start at £50 but can be cheaper when purchased as part of a package. If you want to buy photographs, the best way to do this is take advantage of the Rollover offer. You can pre-pay anything from £50 to £250 on photographs and new<id will double it up for you on the day so you get twice as many photographs at the end of your experience.

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“We thought all the staff were very professional and attentive and added to the experience. The pictures were great too. We will be telling all of our friends.”

Sarah Hall