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About Kelly & Clive

With highly successful leaders and motivators, new<id has made thousands of clients look and feel incredible. We hope you will join us too.

Kelly Colman founded new<id with the desire to create the best makeover and photoshoot experience possible. Hard work, dedication has led to a thriving business where hundreds of clients come every single week wanting a fantastic experience. The result of Kelly’s motivation is that all new<id team members give maximum effort to ensure all clients have a wonderful day.

Clive Colman founded new<id and his determination to deliver the best possible experience ensures that all clients look and feel amazing when they leave. Clive’s meticulous attention to detail for every element of the clients journey guarantees that everyone who comes for an experience at new<id will enjoy a day that has been carefully organised from the second they arrive.

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“We thought all the staff were very professional and attentive and added to the experience. The pictures were great too. We will be telling all of our friends.”

Sarah Hall