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January 2006 Newsletter

Happy New Year from everyone at new<id and Burlingtons! You’re going to look and feel amazing all year round as we give you incredible hints and tips on looking sensational!

Nails Tip of the Month 1

Are your nails looking a little sad after the party season? Lisa Bell, Senior Nail Technician at new<id says “to avoid ragged nails, soak them for a good five minutes in warm water before filling”

Hair Tip of the Month 1

How can you get a great look for curly or wavy hair?
Collect rainwater in a water spray. Then, when you go out, squirt it on your hair to give you an amazing textured look!

FREE Fashion Photoshoot Experience Bonanza!

To celebrate the launch of new<id Manchester, it’s the January sale to end all January Sales! You can get a FREE Fashion Photoshoot (worth £24.99) at our Manchester studio. Offer available for a limited time only. Check out for details.

Hair Tip of the Month 2

Like most of us you’ll probably back in the gym for January trying to shift those extra pounds from all that turkey! “If you’re having a steam or sauna after a workout,” says Lucy Alexander, Artistic Director at Burlingtons, “comb your favourite hair treatment into your hair before hand. The heat will open the cuticles of the hair, allowing the conditioning treatment to nourish right to the core of the hair shaft.” Lucy recommends Addictive All soft Conditioning Treatment by Redken.

Make-up Tip of the Month 1

Drinking and partying over the festive season leaves our skin looking a little dull. “Use an all over shimmer powder to add instant radiance to any skin tone” says Rupert Kingston, new<id Creative Director. “With a large powder brush sweep liberal amounts of your favourite shimmer powder all over your face neck and chest area, pay special attention to areas you wish to highlight such as forehead, cheekbones and collar bones. This will help to bounce light away from the skin, bringing back a natural glow.”

Rupert recommends i-glow by new<id cosmetics in ice pop. Available at

Cosmetics Launch

This month new<id proudly launches new<id cosmetics into leading Debenhams stores: Oxford Street, Birmingham Bullring, Redditch, Basingstoke, Cardiff, Chester and Winchester. You will love the look, feel, smell and taste of every product in this range.

i-kiss is already causing a stir in the press. Listed as a “we love” product in the “beautyometer” section of More Magazine and also featuring in January editions of OK and Closer magazines, i-kiss is set to be this year’s must have beauty product.
new<id cosmetics are available in salons and stores nationwide, or online at Alternatively for mail order call 0870 870 1299.

Make-Up Tip of the Month 2

What’s the simplest way to emphasise your best features?
When applying make-up, use highlighting! You can achieve a softer profile, fuller lips and bigger, oval eyes by using white eye shadow and using a soft brush to highlight the inside corner of your eyes, the centre of your nose (brow to tip) and the middle of your upper lip.

Nails Tip of the Month 2

The best way to file your nails is to start from one side of your nail and file towards the centre. Then file from the other side to the centre. Finally, file the centre. Never use a continuous see-saw action.

Two For One Experiences

Visit for a Two For The Price Of One January Sale. You can get all your presents for the coming year right now!

Hair Tip of the Month 3

Do you have long hair?
When combing long, tangled hair, comb from the bottom up, holding the section of hair halfway to stop the hair shaft from tearing away from the cuticle. Then continue to comb through.

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